Justin & Shannon – Out of the box and a little quirky!


Finally I get to blog about this awesome wedding!!!

I knew this wedding was going to be something different the moment I read through their wedding contract – in very neat letters is was specified – want out of the box photos.  Now, let me tell you one thing, those few words are like music in our ears, we just love it if our clients wants different, out of the norm photos.

I am not going to go into detail about the wedding, I think the photos speak for themselves, I rather want to share Justin and Shannon’s beautiful love story – I had a lump in my throat and goosebumps after reading it.

Shannon’s story: (In her own words)

Bridal PortriatHow I met Justin…?

Our meeting wasn’t particularly specific, it was sometime at youth when I first moved to East London, he was always the quiet boy in the back… aloof I suppose.  We just migrated toward each other I think.  We got to know each other better through an ex-boyfriend when they all used to ride BMX together.  Justin was always the one who would let me ride on his handle bars, or piggy back me across muddy rugby fields when I didn’t want to get my white pants dirty.  He would always make these lame jokes (he still does) that only we would find funny (which we still do).

We’ve been friends for so long it’s difficult to pin point “how we met”.   I just keep thinking of funny things that happened with Justin and I, or how he used to irritate the life out of me on Mxit. He would send me messages and if I didn’t reply within 5 seconds of him sending the message he would get grumpy and say “Fine” and log off.  I think he asked me to marry him every day over mxit long before we started dating and if I didn’t reply straight away I would get a very grumpy “Fine, don’t then” and log off.

My best was when he bought a sim card and stalked me for months, sending obscure smses about how “maybe one day our friendship will turn into something more” and leaving poems written with letters torn out of the YOU magazine at my front gate. He would never sign his name, but I somehow knew that it was Justin.  You know I love this man so much that I could cry all day! The funniest part of us is that I dated TWO of his friends and his cousin before I realized that it was Justin that I was meant to be with. It’s crazy – because we could never leave each other alone. Even as a teenager there were no better hugs than Justin’s hugs. He used to come to my house after school and we would drink coffee in my room (he said it was the only place, other than home, that he could drink coffee with 6 sugars in HAHA). Even after school I remember drives to Gonubie to watch bands and we would moan and complain about work nonsense. Or Sunday smses asking to go to Windmill for a “Melk Skommel”.   Justin knew me in and out long before I even entertained ideas of us getting together. There was even a time I recall going to his house after face painting at a party with his brother and crawling onto the bed next to a sleeping Justin and just lying there and then talking rubbish before church started. If I think about it now. We were always meant to be together and God was just “fine tuning” us (me specifically) before we actually got together.

When did I know Justin was the man for me…?

Justin was very persistent.  There was a time in my life when I didn’t know what I wanted and I asked him to give me some space whilst I try and figure out what is going on in my head. The silly boy didn’t leave me alone. He would rock up at my house everyday for any reason; visiting people in the “area” who I later found out live in the opposite direction to me.  He just had to see me, and as much as I had asked him to give me space I just wanted to be around him too. That’s when I realized that Justin was the man I had been praying for; as much as I resisted, Justin persisted.  There was this part of me that knew when I finally relented to Justin, that he would be the last man I date.

Justin’s proposal…

He picked the night when I was in my comfy tracksuit; ugg boots; no make up; messy hair to take me for ice cream, we went to Gonubie beach front. We always used to go to Gonubie during the time that he tried to pluck up the courage to ask me out. He looked at me with the guilty look on his face and I asked, “What did you fart or something?” haha meanwhile he was sitting there with the ring in his hand. He told me that I was the only one who got him and that he wanted to “make this official” and will I be his wife. So ordinary. So comfortable. So Justin and I. { Except that Justin and Shannon is nothing but ordinary!}

Wedding Inspiration…

Justin and I have always been a different pair and naturally we wanted to do something different on our wedding day.  I have, however, grown up since those stripy socks and skater girl shoes; and wanted something a little more beautiful and classy (I wanted something amazing to share with our children – insanely sentimental). My original idea for my wedding was quite a lot different (I was going to wear RED shoes ) to what we landed up going for.  I trawled websites like www.weddinggawker.com ; www.beyondbeyond.co.uk (A gorgeous blog by a stunning brit); www.pinterest.com ; www.offbeatbride.com (which is where I got A LOT of my ideas – the pompom confetti…) www.theknot.com .My wedding dress was inspired by my gran’s; apparently she was considered daring for wearing a waltz length dress. My garter was made by Janine and we sewed on earrings that belonged to my mom’s gran; something like 60 odd years old. I decided to let my bridesmaids decide on their outfits – I wanted them to feel comfortable in their own skin and in what they are wearing. It’s so important to feel good and comfortable in what you wear, with how your hair and makeup is done, and as it turns out I would’ve put them in something completely unlike anything they picked so it turned out to be a good idea.  Mostly though, Justin and I wanted to have an insane day – relaxed, social, small, summery, bright, cheery and could not have asked for anything different. Our wedding playlist was just a compilation of songs that Justin and I grew up listening to – that meant something to the two of us as a whole. My walking down the aisle song was Breathe by Angels and Airwaves.

Justin’s story: ( In his own words)

Groom Happy How I met Shannon…?

Well the first time I laid eyes on her I thought to myself, “what a strange girl” and “I’d never date her”… Well as time passes and life turns upside down I found myself more and more attracted to Shannon. She was loud, proud and in your face; kind of opposite to what I was. Youth was the main place where we used to hang out. The two weirdo’s in the back always giggling and making fun of everyone and everything. I don’t know what it was, but Shannon grew on me…and quickly too.  Before I knew it I was chatting to her on mxit, then phone calls, then she was everywhere I was, it all seemed to be coincidence. When I first met her and started talking and seeing her more often, what I saw in her was someone new, someone refreshingly honest and not afraid of appearance or what people would think. She was always the one to bring life to a room. I suppose I could say that by just being in that very same room I knew that we would eventually end up chatting in the corner, laughing joking and without me knowing, falling for her.

When did I know Shannon was the girl for me…?

I’d like to think that I’ve always known Shannon was the one for me… Well that’s what I tell her. The one thing that stands out among many that made me want to spend my life with Shannon is the feeling that I’d get whenever she was with me. Shannon has the ability to make me into a man that I’d never thought I could be. As I’m sure she would tell you; I was the quiet guy in the back, “Anti social boy”,  she would joke. Shannon pushes me to be better at whatever task laid before me. Always the one encouraging and cheering me on. There’s one thing I will never forget telling her before kissing her for the first time…”I’m only going to kiss you if you promise to date me.” Knowing what I wanted and not knowing how to get her, it was with that statement that it all started…

Wedding Dress in TreeWedding DetailOld Vintage phone wedding RingYellow toes wedding feetHelping HandsBright yellow wedding shoesVintage Wedding DecorationsVintage Wedding DetailsHappy Wedding CeremonyHigh Five WeddingPom-pom wedding ideasHeart shape wedding group photoFire Engine wedding InspirationFunky wedding shoesDifferent Funky BrideKiss at Fire stationMoustache WeddingFire Engine Wedding Chalk wedding InspirationBunting Wedding InspirationWedding BuntingHolding HandsIntimate wedding moment Happy moments during wedding ReceptionWedding Bicycle InspirationA big thank you to East London Fire Station for their entoesiasme and willingness to help us make Shannon’s and Justin’s wedding extra special!

Justin and Shannon…WOW, what a wedding!  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your very unique and special wedding day, we loved everything about it (especially me loving all things vintage)  We just know your life together is going to be super blessed.

Other Service Providers:

  • Hair: Brendan Palmer (Bride and Groom) and Belinda Swanepoel (Bridesmaids) from Style Professional Hairdressing
  • Make Up: Sarah Springer (Bride) from Designer Beauty
  • Stationary: Claire Keet – one of my STUNNING friend’s from school
  • Confectionary: sugar.com
  • Venue and Catering: Blue Ribbon
  • Dress: Janine Oates
  • Photobooth: Megan Smyth from Fun Booth
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  1. Justin & Shannon, I love your wedding and the vintage feeling it had! Thank you for making us a part of your special day!

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